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Income Tax Reform? How about No Taxes? March 1, 2016

Posted by F. McCollum in Welcome!.

Written by Arch and Marge Wakefield December 2004

Libertarian Party members sign a pledge which states: “I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals”. We thus oppose income taxes on citizens because they are naked force ‘initiated’ by the government against the people. If you don’t pay, the government will come and seize your assets or put you in jail. We believe that income taxes are not only destructive of our personal freedoms but are also immoral.

It seems an act of masochism to allow the government to seize your money and spend it on projects with which you disagree or give it away to programs you do not support. And to lower your standard of living with a convoluted, incomprehensible tax code and deficit financing which commits you to a debt you did not contract.

Tax reform has been in the news recently. President Bush formed a Tax Advisory Panel to counsel him on tax matters since he has had an on-going plan to change the tax code. This panel is composed of former Senators, former Congresspeople, DC think tank honchos, academics and one former IRS commissioner. Do these people really have anything in common with the ordinary ‘Joe taxpayer’?

Tax code revisions were made in 1986, in 1997 and in 2001. Each of these bills promised a more reasonable, fairer, less complicated tax code. Surprise! Surprise! Everything got more complicated and less fair – and any temporary tax relief we got was quickly gobbled up by new taxes or changes in the laws. The new panel seems to be on a similar track: cosmetic changes which don’t really reduce taxes and use of the tax laws for a lot of ‘social engineering’.

They have completely bought into the extremist idea that your income ‘belongs’ to the government and that they can ‘subsidize’ you by not taking it all. Many groups lobbying Congress will not allow serious reform without a desperate fight to keep things the way they are.

These folks stand to lose their income and their influence if there is any real change in the crazy maze that is the current tax system.

The debate about reform goes on at length about the impact of tax legislation on government revenue. They seem to think that a cut in taxes is a ‘loss’ to the government which will then not have the money to continue all its programs. If taxes are reduced, our government will have to borrow even more in spite of the fact that we already have debts of over $25,000 for every man, woman and child in America. A debt that we, our children and our grandchildren will be paying forever. We are borrowing money from China, from the Arab oil shieks and from tyrannical governments around the world to fund our extravagant spending. We are probably even borrowing money from Osama Ben Laden, if the truth be known.

Real reform has to start, not with taxes, but with outrageous government spending. When over two and a half trillion dollars per year is is taken from the private sector, spending is clearly out of control. If this is not curtailed, changing the tax structure – however it is done – does nothing to cut the requirement for more and more to feed the government tapeworm. Lip service to tax reform, cutting taxes and borrowing to make up the difference or ‘printing’ money get politicians re-elected but are bad for the average American.

The income tax is not likely to be done away with in our lifetimes even though reform is as  simple as cutting or eliminating expenses. But the Libertarian Party’s call for radical  change is right on target.


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