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Guess Which Sector is the Largest Employer in our State? November 25, 2013

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From YC Magazine July 2013 Issue

In our state of South Carolina, 1 out of every 5 members of the nonfarm civilian workforce works for the government according to the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce April 2013 report. That statement is shocking, and if it did not knock you out of your chair, you should go back and read it again. Government work is the largest “industry” in the entire state of South Carolina. The term nonfarm civilian workforce includes all individuals, both employed and unemployed, who are actively looking for work and totals 1.88 million people in South Carolina as of April 2013 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Generally when evaluating labor force data, it is common to exclude military and farm workers from many stats, and we have done so here as well. There were 287,930 individuals classified as farm workers in April 2013 in South Carolina, and 42,924 military employees stationed (and not in transition) at military installations within our state in 2009 (the most recently available data). In addition, most contractors working for the government are not included as government employees in the classifications used above, and while no study has been done on how many contractors work for the state and local governments, at the Federal level there are more than two contractors for every single employee working for the government.

Not only is Government the largest sector in our state’s economy, it is growing at a swift pace. Under former Governor Sanford, the government sector grew by 13,900 jobs during his 8-year tenure, and under Governor Haley, who is in the middle of her 3rd year as governor, it has grown by 10,600 more jobs to a total of 356,800 government sector employees today.

Government sector jobs, on average, now pay more than twice the average private sector job in total pay and benefits, and not only burden us as taxpayers today, but the unfunded government pension plans will continue to burden taxpayers for generations to come. A reduction in the size of the government begins here at home by electing representatives who commit to a thorough review of how tax dollars are being spent and eliminating government waste at a local level first. South Carolina is considered a fiscally conservative state historically, but is not living up to that description as of late.

The Libertarian Party believes in less government and more freedom. We believe more members of society should be working in the PRODUCTIVE private sector, and the government sector should be one of the smallest sectors in our workforce, not the largest. Both Republican and Democrat representatives continue to vote for Big Government, despite the fact that most rank-and-file voters want less government. The Libertarian Party actually represents what a majority of American people want. Come find out more about the York County Libertarian Party at our next social get together at The Grapevine in Baxter Village on August 19th from 6 – 8pm; we meet every third Monday at The Grapevine.

Frank McCollum is Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Club of York County. For more info, visit our website http://www.yclp.org; Facebook: York County Libertarian Party (SC); MeetUp.com/York County LP; http://www.sclp.org or http://www.lp.org.


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